Mieke Anderson

Multimedia Storyteller


A plane blown from the sky. 52 victims. Four suspects. No charges.

Exploding mid-air on July 8, 1965, Canadian Pacific Flight 21 plummeted into the woods in the B.C. Interior, killing all aboard. While police determined a bomb brought down the passenger plane — and four suspects were named — no charges were ever laid. In this CBC Podcasts co-production with The National, we uncover one of the largest unsolved murders on Canadian soil.

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Hosts: Ian Hanomansing, Johanna Wagstaffe

Produced by: Mieke Anderson, Polly Leger, Ilina Ghosh, Tiffany Foxcroft

Mixing by: Mieke Anderson, Mitchell Stuart

Digital/Video: Sarah Claydon, Evan Aagaard

Videographers: Rob Krbavac, Andy Hincenbergs